Our History

Wiltshire Stone Lawyers Ltd has a strong heritage in the Pakuranga and Manukau areas, dating back to 1919 when Roy Wood first hung out his shingle in Otahuhu.  Lance started with Wood Ruck & Co on graduation and became a partner in 1986.  He then, with Owen Vaughan, established Wood Ruck Manukau in 1999.

When Owen Vaughan retired to become Deputy Chief Legal Complaints Officer, part of Wood Ruck Manukau merged with Beattie Rickman Legal to become its Auckland office.

Wiltshire Stone Lawyers Ltd was established in 2014 by a merger between the Beattie Rickman Legal Auckland office and the practice of David Stone Lawyer with a view to the new practice being able to meet the needs of people living in Pakuranga and Manukau going forward.

A little more history…

Wiltshire Stone Lawyers Ltd had its roots in three long established and well respected law firms-Wood Ruck Manukau, Copeland Fitzpatrick and David Stone Lawyer.

Wood Ruck Manukau

Wood Ruck Manukau grew from a firm started in 1919 by Roy Wood, the then town clerk of the Otahuhu Borough.  In 1999 Lance Wiltshire and Owen Vaughan established Wood Ruck Manukau. Part of Wood Ruck Manukau then merged with Beattie Rickman Legal to become its Auckland office.

Copeland Fitzpatrick & Co

Brian Fitzpatrick, a consultant to Wiltshire Stone Lawyers, practiced for many years in Otahuhu.  He joined Lance Wiltshire in Beattie Rickman Legal’s Auckland office as a consultant in 2011. He has special interest in family law and trusts, in particular adoptions and Maori Land, and Succession Planning and Trusts and Estates.

David Stone Lawyer

David Stone chose to set up his own firm to provide an ‘all service’ legal firm near where people lived and worked – rather than in a commercial district. He has since become an important part of the local community and operated from his easily identified premises on Pakuranga Highway. David recognised in Lance Wiltshire a similar range of skills and the idea of an amalgamation was discussed.